We provide speedy, reliable and accurate valuation services to all property sectors. Our customers are both local (60%) and Foreign (40%) individuals, companies and potential investors. Our fees are affordable but vary by types, sizes, complexities of properties and location of the subject property.

We have three packages of services:

A/ The property Appraisal Services, we are providing the following scopes:

1. Valuation of land;
2. Valuation of property;
3. Valuation of machine;
4. Valuation of equipment;
5. Valuation of lease contract;
6. Valuation of concession contract;
7. Valuation of patent or intellectual property.

B/ Real Estate Appraisal Seminar/training.

  1. We can provide in-house training for your staff at reasonable rate. (Contact us for additional information)
  2. Also from time to time, we organize the training/seminar, so stay tuned

Since the property valuation to Laos in both individuals, private and government sector with aiming to improve/upgrade this sector to catch up with the growth of social and economies of Lao PDR

C/ Providing Lao Property Information.

We are supporting a research company/Consultant company to fulfill a property market research in Laos. We could provide data points as demand such as land price in specific area, house for rent data, house for sale data and many more.


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