On March 13, 2024, Laovalue Property Valuation Sole Co., Ltd. was represented by Mr. Humphan Xayarat, the director of the company.
Received the opportunity to appraise property values ​​for 27 Lao Electric Power Company (EDL GEN) in the country in cooperation with two companies namely: Keke Lao Appraisal Company and Lao Asia Lott Appraisal Company, by the guidance of experts from Agency for Real Estate Affairs Property Consultants International Standard of Thailand which is the leading company in Thailand in securities evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to know the value of the property and to serve insurance work. The evaluation period was about 3 months and it was very successful. This way is a step of his property appraisal company that has used the national level work of Lao PDR and cooperated with international companies in this appraisal.

Written by: The Lao Value News Team, Vongduan Inthanam

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