We are leading property valuation in Lao PDR. Our operations started in 2008 under RentsBuy Co. Ltd. by adopting international valuation standards and experienced national valuers under an international property Valuer who has more than 30 years in Asia and Pacific Region and 15 years in Lao PDR. Until Sept 2018, Lao Property Valuation Sole Co., Ltd (LaoValue) has been established.

Our team consists four full time national professional valuers, two temporary professional valuers and one International Property Valuer. Our works have been widely accepted by local and foreign clients by adopting International accepted valuation standards.

Our valuation works covered valuation of land, land and building, commercial building, industry, office, hotel/apartment, lease and concession and special economic zone.

Certificate of Approval by Lao Securities Commission

Approval Certificate

However, since end of 2015, the Stock Exchange Market Committee have issued a new regulation to oversee the standards and quality of property valuation in Lao PDR. As a result, we have been given legally a license to establish a new company “ Lao Property Valuation Sole Co. Ltd” on 22 August 2018, No. 0769/ຈ​ທວ, an affiliate of RentsBuy Co. Ltd, specifically for property valuation by maintaining our valuation standards and experienced staff in order to provide speedy, reliable and accurate services to customers.

In parallel with corporate standard upgrading, we also sign MOU with AREA (Agency for Real Estate Affairs), Thailand for property valuation work and education on real estate in Lao PDR.

And until, LaoValue Property Valuation has fully and officially established with approval license from Lao Securities Commission, under Lao Central Bank, for capital market and money market,

Our Mission

To service the market through asset optimization and professional consultancy services

Our Vision

To be recognized as the market benchmark for innovation and service excellence in asset consulting

Our Aim

We assist people and businesses nationwide in realising their full asset potential


An award-winning of Young Entrepreneur in Lao PDR and Excellent for World Bank Land Title and Valuation Team, covering real estate marketing services and standards of property valuation of all property sectors, we endeavor to ensure comfortably and convenience, quality and accuracy through providing speedy and satisfactory services and building solid planning and decision making for transactions and future investments


We start from the minimum price as long as we have the subject property information, we then can quote the price correctly based your property size, characteristics, and location

Main Valuer

We have 3 licensed main valuer from Thailand. The licensed professional who guide the valuation work, auditing and approve the final price for client

Assistant Valuer

We have 3 experienced valuers who perform site inspection, recent sales transaction gathering for comparable data, subject property due diligent and write the comprehensive report.


We have two assistants to support on our field work, raw data collection by interview from the recent sale seller, sorting database on RentsBuy for recent sale transaction. Binding books for clients.


We are committed to fair values, respecting our valuation international standard, ethics and principles. All client project are treated as confidential.

Providing comprehensive commercial, residential, industrial property valuation services, on a wide range of traditional and specialised property assets, for a variety of purposes.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.

Small villa valuation starting from

  • Land
  • House Structure
  • Market Comparable Approach

Vacant Land

$Starting from 150 USD/Project
  • Land Inspection
  • Land due diligent with land authority
  • Interview with recent sale transaction
  • Interview with local neighborhood

Commercial Building, Department store, restaurant, petro station, warehouse

  • Income Approach
  • Market Comparable Approach
  • Civil Work Cost Reproduction
  • Site Inspection
  • Land due diligent with land authority
  • Gathering recent transactions