Lao Securities Commission Office Approval

LS Milestone: Lao Value is the brother companies of RentsBuy Property. Originally RentsBuy were trying to diversify its service to property valuation since 2015 by using the same name of company to register during that time there was no government organization who were responsible for the property valuation field. Afterward end of 2015, there [...]

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Strategic Partners

L LaoValue has two types of strategic partners: Honored Senior Advisor: Mr. Trithep Lohavisavapanich, former UN advisor for land titling project implement supported by World Bank in Lao PDR. Operational Partners: We have partnered with A representative from T.A. Management Corporation (1999) Co., Ltd for strategic planning and implementing to achieve our dreams and [...]

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Lao Team

L Besides international expertness, we have local supporting team who are mainly involved in administration activities, sales/marketing, public relations in order to make the corporate move toward our plan and vision. In case, there are not complicated valuation project, usually our Lao team will handle it under the reviewing by our licensed professional [...]

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